Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Neighbor gifts

I just read about a product that would be "perfect for neighbor gifts or stocking stuffers for coworkers."  Whoa, hold on. Why do I have to buy these people presents? Because I happened to get a job at the same company as them? Or moved near them?  It's one thing if I'm actually friends with someone, but why am I socially obligated to buy things for people simply because of their physical proximity to me?  It just seems like a big ball of stress-making. I'm really going to try not to get roped into this kind of stuff. I have enough trouble mustering up the holiday spirit to buy gifts for my friends and relatives, now I have to come up with something cute and clever and cost-effective for everyone I routinely come in contact with?  No thank you.


  1. I feel like me might share a brain. Every year we get the "reminder" cards for holiday presents for our paper delivery guy and the mail person.
    I maybe, might be inclined to give the paper guy something but herarely makes it even in our yard let alone our front porch, so no.
    Plus our neighbors are crack whores, so they don't really want the kind of presents I give out.

  2. I'm supposed to buy a gift for the mail carrier? For what? Bringing me my mail? What's the paycheck for, then?

  3. i laughed while reading this because it's so true, EXCEPT i feel guilty and end up buying or making presents for coworkers that i don't like. if you get a present for one and not all, the rest get upset :( ridiculous.


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