Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making up

I am down to the last dregs of nearly all my makeup. I don't know how that happened; I guess it's like when the car in front of you has a blinker that's faster than yours, but for a few blinks they are synchronized.  I'll probably wind up getting what I always get, but sometimes I like to imagine that I'm going to try the new greatest thing and find something so much better than what I've been using.  Usually, though, I'd rather not risk it.

The nice thing about buying new makeup, though, is that it's easy for me to pick out foundation. I just have to try the lightest color, and if it's too dark, that line won't work for me.  Sometimes I don't even bother to check the shade, and just grab the lightest thing they have.  I guess there are upsides to being albino.  Sometimes when I'm wearing a lot of makeup (so, basically never) I think I look like a porcelain doll, with all the color painted on. It's strange.  That's probably why I don't wear a lot of makeup.  You know what I do love? Lip gloss.  I keep them everywhere, and never two of the same kind. Right now I'm actually loving the dollar-a-pop E.L.F. stuff that I got at the ghetto grocery store.  But I'm always on the hunt for another great gloss.  Any you recommend?


  1. I am amused by the concept of a ghetto grocery store in your city.
    This is so not sexy but I like the flavored Carmex - I didn't even know there was such a thing until about a year ago - because it does what I need and it tastes good when I inevitably lick it.

  2. I use Lip Smackers Pink Lemonade. And yes, I am thirty.

  3. Oh, no worries, I endorse Lip Smackers Strawberry Kiwi. The sparkly kind, if you can find it.


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