Monday, October 25, 2010

How to make me not want to read your blog

Center justification does not make your blog creative.

Neither do a bunch one-line paragraphs.

You're still writing a boring paragraph.

It's just one line at a time.

Bad poetry
is just bad prose
with line breaks.

In fact,  all unusual formatting  
the lack of quality writing.

Even if you go for good ol' normal paragraphs, there are still plenty of ways to pretend that your writing is important. For instance, you could make random words large or in different colors. And if you're extra talented, you can even do both. It's a great way to add emphasis without resorting to crazy things like rhetorical devices or a well-crafted sentence.

If all else fails, just throw in an exclamation point! On every sentence!  I'll know how important what you're saying is! Lots of them doesn't dilute the importance! It means everything is important! ...Right?


  1. I hear you. And the weird format just makes it distracting. That's one reason I don't like poetry - there are many - I like to just read until the page runs out without having to skip to the next line. Saves a tree along the way.

  2. Yeah, this is one of my least favorite things to see on a blog. I can maybe live with it once, but some people write this way all the time and it looks pretentious.


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