Friday, October 1, 2010

Casualish Friday

The dress I wore today is...not exceptionally attractive or flattering.  (Why is all the Simply Vera Wang stuff so ugly? It's like she phoned it in because it's Kohl's.) So why did I wear it?  Why do I even own it?  Well, it was on clearance, and it's comfy.  So, so comfy.  Paired with these delightful argyle tights, it kind of feels like I'm wearing winter jammies.  And with how cold it gets in my office in the afternoons, staying warm is a particular priority.  Besides, when I left this morning, Fabulous Husband fabulously told me, "You look great."  Maybe his standards are low, but it worked for me.


  1. If he said so, who else matters?

  2. Who cares what they think. As long as you think it looks good, it's comfy, and you're happy, who cares?


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