Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another kitchen tool infomercial

I have mentioned before how much I love my strainer, but you know what I've been loving the last eight months or so?  My food hammer.  Or as they're more properly known, a meat tenderizer.  (This isn't my exact one; I inherited mine from my grandma. But I am a fan of Oxo.) But "meat tenderizer" is all wrong!  They do so much more than tenderize meat!  Need a broken up toffee candy bar for your latest dessert creating? (A good idea and may I have some?)  Just bash it with your food hammer!  I use it to make breadcrumbs, break up bags of ice--no more flinging it to the floor!--break up pre-cooked ground beef for better portioning...really it's good for breaking up most things.  I also used it to gently hammer in the pin that was coming out of my stand mixer.  Closely related to meat tenderizing but still a distinct usage is meat thinning.  Sometimes a recipe will call for you to pound a piece of chicken, which I've tried with a frying pan but not with a ton of success.  Enter my food hammer!  Honestly, I never realized how many things I could do with a meat tenderizer.  Much like the old adage that every problem looks like a nail when you've got a hammer, everything looks like a piece of meat when I've got a tenderizer.

(Also, have you noticed that everything looks like a hammer when you've got a nail?  I've used a shoe, the handle of a screw driver, etc. Not yet a meat tenderizer, though...)


  1. I totally love you right now.
    MY pin in MY stand mixer is coming out and with the tendonitis in my wrist I can't get it back in and now I know what to do because of you!
    I think I will continue to throw my bags of ice on the floor though. Freaks out the cats and relieves a lot of stress.

  2. I covered it with a pot holder for added protection, but it worked like a charm!


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