Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I turned 29 yesterday! For real 29, though, not "don't want to be 30 because of some crazy neurosis about aging so I say I'm 29" 29.

Since I turned 28, I...
got married!!
got my tonsils out
was on antibiotics six times
had both my grandparents died
went to Arizona a couple times
spent a week kicking around southern California
decided it's time we start multiplying and replenishing
decided that no child of mine will be born in Utah
have had arthritis symptoms of increasing severity
drove a van (again)

Still, not a bad year.


  1. I've decided that no child of mine will be born in Utah County.

  2. I joke that it's doctrine that everyone's first child has to be born in Utah, preferably Utah. But man, it's not. And thank goodness for that.

  3. I had a friend whose husband was from Argentina and when they went there on a trip, he got a hotel room for a few hours so they could conceive a child in Argentina. I never manage to deliver where I conceive... sigh. Happy Birthday!

  4. Man, that's asking a lot from a couple hours.

    Meanwhile, I just noticed that I previously said "Utah" when I meant "Provo." Sigh. It's been a long week.

  5. You know what's weird? I think I *read* Provo even though you wrote Utah.


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