Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's all this I hear about "fruits" and "vegetables"?

Look at this!  Two entries in one day.  Two!!  This makes us even for all the days I don't post, right?

I've been feeling really lousy lately, so I decided to make a concerted effort to get more produce into our diet.  As opposed, of course, to those fruits and vegetables that just magically fall into our mouths.  Everyone tells me my weeks of malaise are actually a parasite fetus incubating in my guts, but I doubt it.  I do have a story for later about people assuming I'm pregnant.  Stay tuned.

But I digress.  So I got some vegetables when we were at the store Tuesday night. I ate a handful of baby carrots last night as I was trying to decide what to have for dinner (a cheese crisp--lay off me; I was sick).  So crisp and delicious! Could it be that there are things worth eating besides popcorn, Skittles, and bread?  Yes. I left off peanut M&Ms.  Gee, and we wonder why I've gained a few pounds recently.

Also on Tuesday, when I decided to buy more produce--and then use it before it got all gross and mushy in my refrigerator, because how long does it have to be in 39 degree weather before it decomposes?--I got a watermelon at work.

I don't understand why we all got watermelons, but there was the assistant building manager with a cart of watermelons, handing them out like some sort of health-crazed Santa Claus.  Fortunately, mine was on the small size because a) when have I ever eaten an entire watermelon? Never. and b) it's a dang long walk to the car.  My wrist was killing me by the time I got there.

As part of my "more veggies so I don't feel so crappy" plan, I went to Subway for lunch. Would have been awesome if they weren't so stingy.  Three cucumber slices, really?  At least I got plenty of iceberg lettuce.  Sigh.  Although even less-nutritious iceberg lettuce is better than no lettuce.  Surely it all makes up for the Cap'n Crunch I had for breakfast, right?


  1. You can always ask the Subway folk for more veg. Always. Just sayin'.

  2. I love that someone just handed out watermelons at your work. We had to draw straws for the last produce someone gave away at the office. I shouldn't whine - I won.

  3. Cathie, this is Kathleen from Horizon Ward, you know, from more than 8 years ago! So much to say and catch up on. Email me, if you'd like, at swissklanae at yahoo dot com. Then I'll send you an invite to my blog. I've always loved your keen insights communicated through your quick wit and fresh perspectives. Confession--please don't hate me--: I first stumbled upon your blog a few years ago. You know, a link from a BYU roomate's blog, to LeAnne's, to yours.

    But about this post, I empathize with the veggie stinginess at Subway. Once we went to one, 1/2 hour before closing, there were only two other customers in the whole store the whole time we were there, oodles and oodles of unused veggies behind the counter, and the employee inexplicably lined our footlongs with several tomatoes and then threw some of them back into the bin, leaving only three! Come on!

    Hope your plan goes well. Lately I go for grains and dairy, almost all day long except at dinner. I think adding more produce, especially veggies would help me out as well.

  4. I know I can ask for more vegetables--and I usually do--but it's just annoying that I have to. I swear they didn't used to be like this.


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