Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I recently--and if reviewing my browser history today taught me anything, it's that "recently" means "a few months ago"--unfollowed a blog or two.  Specifically fashion blogs, mostly.  I realized, "These bloggers' aesthetic is nothing at all like my own."  I dislike skinny jeans, skinny belts, nautical-inspired horizontal striped shirts, anything strongly 1980s-ish, booties, and most things from Anthropologie.  Why was I wasting my time on this nonsense?  Also, we clearly had differing ideas on what constitutes modest fashion.

And then today, I went through my subscriptions again.  Boring "here's more pictures of my children!" blog of someone I haven't talked to in a while?  Gone.  (I don't mind pictures of your kids, just don't be boring!)  Photography site no longer interesting?  Someone who updates way too much with useless stuff?  Gone and gone.

I'm undecided about the healthy eating blog that is a chronic abuser of apostrophes.  It really, really bugs me that she uses them almost exclusively for plurals.  Plurals and possessives.  Not the same.  Is it pathetic that bad grammar outweighs content?

It's not like I don't have plenty of time at work to read blogs, but I've decided there's no point wasting my time on things that are uninteresting, annoying, or not helpful. Why stay subscribed to a cooking blog that literally never makes things I'd be willing to eat?  I still subscribe to 73 feeds, for crying out loud.  If I had a job that kept me busy--or was on vacation all the time, because somehow lolcats are pretty low on my vacation list of things to do--I would have to get rid of even more.  I'm all about uncluttering lately, and that includes uncluttering my intellectual space.

Just please don't stop reading my blog?  I probably still subscribe to yours. Assuming that I know about it.


  1. Strangely enough, I follow a bunch of craft blogs. Can I craft? Heck to the no! I jsut wish I did. I got rid of my fashion blogs a while ago, and sent Tip Junkie to the curb. NO ONE should update that often. Although my new favorites are Dollar Store Crafts (me can do! and I am Momma Hear Me Roar. Someday I'll actually make a craft and EVERYONE will hear about it.

    Props on the uncluttering. I am trying to do that on my house...

  2. I almost got worried when you said "someone who updates way too much with useless stuff," and then I calmed down because no one can accuse me of updating too much.
    I am trying to follow your lead with the uncluttering. I even went to the ward swap meet, took a lot of stuff and didn't bring anyhting home again. I owe it all to you.


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