Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things move along, if slowly

So, fabulous husband applied last week for a security guard gig at the very same junior high as the one that sucked two years of self esteem from my young, chubby life.  They called the day after the position closed (and it was only open three days) and wanted to interview him. But it was only a three-month temporary job whilst the incumbent recuperated from back surgery.  I had seen in the posting that it was temporary, but I assumed slightly longer temporary, like to the end of the school year.  So FH asked if it was possible that he'd be able to transfer to another position when the incumbent returned to work.  She said she'd call back, but didn't.  I wasn't surprised; I figure they went with someone local who wasn't put off by the temporary nature of the position.

But then yesterday, he got another call from the school district, for a job he didn't even apply for. He asked if I had done it for him, but dude, I don't like applying for my own jobs, so I'm surely not going to apply for him.  It's only part time, but it would be a foot in the door so he could find out first about internal postings.  Plus he'd be making some money--and let's face it, it is a lot easier to find a job when you actually live in the state.  The schedule is such that it shouldn't interfere with any other job he would get.  Could be good.

They wanted him to go down to interview on Thursday.  Um, no.  We're not paying $500 dollars so he can fly down to interview for a part time job.  He called them and suggested a phone interview, which they agreed to and will be taking place tomorrow during his lunch.  So, yeah. That could be good.  The job I applied for doesn't even close until Friday, and here he's already gotten two calls!

We have a couple people who think they might know someone who might be interested in buying.  That doesn't sound very productive, does it?  Better than nothing, I guess.  Worst case scenario (which would be the worst!) we'll rent it, so keep in mind anyone you know who might be interested in renting, too.

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