Friday, September 17, 2010

Pretty sure I know what my name is

Ugh, I'm really trying to be adult and forgiving and whatnot about what just happened at the doctor's office--even bribing myself with animal crackers and Tootsie Rolls, which is not particularly adult, but whatever--but it's not working well.

Let's just say I haven't been feeling well and my preliminary diagnosis was a bacterial infection. Note how my internet diagnosis is preliminary.  I have the good sense to submit to lab tests and not just insist the doctor prescribe antibiotics. I believe in the prudent use of antibiotics, because superbugs are no laughing matter. Except maybe the word "superbug."

Today I talked to the scheduler, who talked to the nurse, who called me back, who then talked to the doctor, then called me back to say the doctor wanted a swab for the lab. Sure thing. I figured this would happen. And it only took a couple hours to get through all that.  I had a little time left in my lunch hour, so I figured I'd rush over there, take three minutes in the office, and be back at my desk twenty or so minutes late.

That would have worked excellently, except that the medical assistant comes out and calls "Connie?"  No Connie.  In fact, I am the only one in the waiting area.  But she's holding the giant q-tips! This must be for me. There's no one else here for it to be for! She disappears.  After a few minutes, the scheduler reminds her that I'm here (all via instant messaging, no less, which will be important later).  The MA comes out again.  "Connie?"

I ask, "Do you mean Catherine?" I get a rather snippy "No, I mean Connie." and she disappears again.  The scheduler and I look at each other.  She doesn't mean Connie.  Scheduler scrolls up in the chat window.  "I told her Catherine."

MA comes back a few minutes later.  "Catherine?"  There we go.  She attempts to explain the mixup, but y'know, I've been sitting here for way too long and I don't give a crap.  She blew us off, and was a little rude about it.  I was supposed to be at work.  This should have taken three minutes, tops.  I'll never get that half hour of my life back.  It should have been spent sitting at work, bored as can be, not sitting in the doctor's waiting room, bored and increasingly irritated.

She did apologize quite sincerely for the mix up and the wait, but it really didn't do much to take an edge of the rage.  I'm better now, an hour later.  Just mildly annoyed.

In other news, if it is indeed bacterial this will be my fifth round of antibiotics since I got married.  Is that right? I don't think they had me on antibiotics after my tonsillectomy. Frankly, I don't remember much of the first month.  If they did, this will be six.


  1. You'd think the MA would have caught on much sooner! So sorry you had to sit and ruminate all the while missing work. Whatever her name was, let's say Misty, you could have accepted her apology by telling her, "Really, it's okay, Maggie!"

  2. I've stopped caring what they call me, since they ask what I'm there for once I'm in the room anyway. What good is all this technology and advancement if they don't know who I am and what I'm there for?


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