Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My dream uniform

So lately I've been all about plain long-sleeve shirts. I'm nearly always cold, so it's not like I need the option of taking off a cardigan.  In dire straights I can just push the sleeves up, but it really never reaches that point.  If I could set the thermostat however I want, then I might be uncomfortable in long sleeves, but I have a much warmer body to accommodate.  Plus my thermostat at work doesn't seem to have any impact on the temperature.  For instance, it's currently set at 78, but reads that it's actually 74. This is an improvement over yesterday afternoon, when it was 78/70.

Anyway, I don't remember where I first read about the idea of having a daily uniform.  I think it might have been Gwyneth Paltrow talking about her leggings-and-tunic type uniform.  At some point my eyes rolled, probably repeatedly.  I haven't much sympathy for the trials of life of celebrities.  I'm sure their lives are difficult to them, but for those of us who can't afford nannies, cooks, cleaning ladies, multiple houses, first-class flights, or $80 yoga pants (honestly, why would someone spend that much on workout clothes?), it just seems like a lot of really privileged whining.

But I digress.  A daily uniform.  It actually does make life easier.  The men here complain about having to wear a suit every day, but I think it would be a relief.  I recently experimented with wearing the same skirt every day, and there really was something so liberating about not having to decide what to wear, or how long it's been since I've worn something.  I've decided that no one pays enough attention to my outfits that I need to worry about it.  This is especially true with basics.  My same-skirt experiment was with a basic black skirt.  The shirt I'm wearing today--which I also wore yesterday, because "worn" doesn't always mean "dirty"--is a plain black, long-sleeved shirt.  Even if someone noticed that it looked like my shirt from yesterday, isn't it entirely possible that I own multiple plain black tees?  Oh yes it is--I once bought three of the same black shirt so that when one faded, I had a back up.

My dream daily uniform, though, would be a long sleeve tee and yoga pants.  Or track pants, depending on the weather.  It is convenient that I'm so short, as I can find very comfy pants in the little boys section, and generally for at least half of what they charge for women. My current favs were five bucks.  My now-gone favorite fleece pullover (a moment of silence and a curse towards Delta) was $3 in the boys section of Target when I was in college.  I loved that fleece.  Sigh.  But anyway, what's your uniform?  Or your dream uniform?


  1. I remember being amazed when I realized people don't actually look at what I have on, so I can wear the same pair of pants every day and just switch out the shirt. My uniform lately seems to be kahaki capris and a V-neck tee shirt. I have five that I love and I curse myself for not buying more, maybe multiples of certain colors, like the white one. I woould like to swtich it out for casual skirt once in a while but I just can't find any that are long enough and casual enough.

  2. I totally agree! I some how lost all my jeans but one pair, and I don't think anyone noticed my wearing the same pair of jeans for a week strait... Except me, It freaked me out. I was glad to find my jeans at the end of the week.

    As for wearing the same shirt... I usually wear the same shirt I wore to church Sunday on Monday to work. Not that 3 hours of wear makes it dirty, but I always am apprehensive that someone will notice my double dipping. Stupid, I know, but I still am concerned.

  3. Jeans and a tee shirt. Oh, how I wish that I had a cooler one, but it just makes sense right now. I spend so much time bending and moving, it exposes me the least.

  4. I haven't figured out the top, but I'd have to go with knee-length skirts and boots. It's like wearing pants, only dressier.

  5. Fitted t-shirt, hoodie cardigan, and track pants. Almost jammies and super comfy.


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