Friday, September 24, 2010

My coworkers are crazy

I got a call the other day from a coworker.  He wanted help playing a prank on our boss.  See, for the last two months, said coworker has been raising butterflies.  From egg to caterpillar to pupa to butterfly, he's been patiently tending them through the whole life cycle.  Now they've emerged from their cocoon, and he wanted to put them in the bosses office.

Um, okay.  Is our boss afraid of butterflies?  Is there some sort of inside butterfly joke?  Nope.  My coworker just thought it would be hilarious to release butterflies in his office.  I guess the mystery of butterflies randomly appearing is funny to him.  Not your typical prank, but since it wasn't mean, I was okay helping out.  (If my boss had some irrational fear of butterflies or something, I would have refused to help. I can't stand mean spirited pranks.)

It reminds me of a story my dad tells of being in Korea in the late 70s.  Something along the lines of it being the kids' idea of a good time to get together and dress someone up in a newspaper outfit.  No pictures, no going out in it or anything. They dressed them up, laughed, and then took it off.  Something gets lost in translation, I guess.

So we put the butterflies in his office yesterday when he was at lunch. He was quite perplexed when he saw them.  It actually was rather amusing, but my coworker didn't even get to see it!  Although he was laughing hard enough just at the thought of it, so I guess he was satisfied.  My boss knew that to call or email him about it would just give my coworker the satisfaction that he wanted, so he didn't. It drove my coworker crazy, so he finally called me and asked what happened.  All in all, it was strange behavior from a couple of guys old enough to be my father.

Also, I think offices should regularly have butterflies flying around.  It's kind of cheery.


  1. Not at all like the friends of the groom of a friend of mine who out raw meat in their wedding car. For the entire reception. In the summer. The car was not driveable. So mean. That's why we got a town car to drive us from our wedding.

  2. I'm glad you got to see your boss' reaction! Lovely, lovely story.


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