Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I guess that's why they call it "work"

We were on vacation last week. We didn't do much of anything in particular, but it was still way better than working.  We slept in, we ate whatever we wanted whenever we wanted, we went swimming, saw friends, played with the cutest baby ever (oh, I wish I'd had my phone handy when they woke her up to take her home. She was all bleary eyed as she looked around in pure confusion. "What are you people doing here? I'm in my pajamas. Go home. Wait, where are we?"), went to Bahama Buck's TWICE, and otherwise had just a very nice time.

Frankly, I'd like to be on vacation all the time, but then I think I wouldn't enjoy it as much. It's the contrast of something really enjoyable against something mundane and repetitive and mildly soul-crushing that makes vacations so great.  It's not that I didn't have to set an alarm, it's that I have to set one every other week of the year.  Work is actually what makes vacations great.

We were talking about how nice it would be if we could move into my parents' rental house.  Community college is cheaper in Arizona (as in less than half of what it is here), although the ASU is more than the U and Weber State. Although if we were living for cheaps, it might not be as big of a deal. Plus all of my family lives in Arizona, and Adam's lives close-ish.  Frankly, without the financial assistance of renting from my folks, I don't know how we'll ever afford children.  There's no one here who could watch our kid for cheap/free, so I'd have to go back to work. And I don't want to have a baby so I can work to pay for daycare.

But...yeah.  I don't know.  While moving to Arizona does make a great deal of sense--probably more sense staying here where the weather is terrible and I miss my family--I feel antsy. Adam is ready to start packing rightnow! but I'm more hesitant.  Though with all the newspapers I read, it does make me want  to get out of our house now.  Apparently homes may still be overvalued quite a bit and likely to continue losing value for the next couple years. Exciting, right?

Really, I'm not sure why I'm so nervous. Assuming someone wants to buy our condo (and we'd sell it for basically what we owe; our neighbor is trying to sell for nearly 10k more than that), it seems like it would all be pluses.  Unless we couldn't find jobs, I guess.  But I think we're pretty employable.  Ugh.  Someone tell me they did some big life change that they were really nervous about and then it all ended up being nothing but amazing. Please?


  1. Getting married was like that for me. Second to that was moving (back) to Utah from Pennsylvania. Then the mission, and then probably grad school. All turned out okay.

    Probably the move from Pennsylvania is most similar. I had friends, a place to live, some employment, and happiness in PA, but really good reasons for going back to Utah. I cried every day for at least a week when I got here, and then everything eventually worked out. You *do* have a lot of pluses on the AZ side.

    Could you rent out your condo?

  2. Technically we could not. My loan is FHA and is only for primary residences. I don't know that they would instantly find out that I was renting it, but I don't want to be (probably couldn't pull off being) a long-distance landlord.

  3. Yes. You know me well enough to know that we do insane huge life changes quite often and they keep working out. We sold 2 houses by upgrading and not being greedy in a downward market - it's doable. As long as it's the "right" thing (ie, the Big Guy approves), it's kind of great.

    You aren't a stranger to wacky big life decisions either though! Mission, move to UT, buy a house, marry even faster than I did (was it less than 6 mos? Because then it totally was). You're a pro, girl!

  4. Touche, madame! I was nervous about getting married, expressly because it was so fast (yes, yes, I beat you) and now I couldn't be happier. The last year has flown by and has been the bestest.

    We're so ungreedy that all I want is to break even. I'd even through in the front load washer and dryer, rather to Adam's dismay. Not that I want to haul them up stairs and across state line.

  5. We might be in the market for a washer and dryer in a few months. If you sell your condo and don't include them.

  6. If you moved here I would totally watch your baby for free.

  7. But your neck of the woods is not what I would pick when naming places for cheap living!

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