Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall weather?

This is my fourth Utah autumn, but it still catches me by surprise every year.  I think, "It's only September! I shouldn't need a sweater in the morning."  But I do. Because apparently fall doesn't start in mid-November here.

The summer has gone so quickly.  Pretty much everyone is back in school already.  Granted, some schools started ridiculously early, but even the one that I drive past on my way to work every morning (which got out in June, because I remember being SO GLAD when the school zone light wasn't on) is back in session.  It just really is fall.  I mean, it's September. The autumnal equinox is just a few weeks away.  (And don't give me any crap about Northern Hemisphere bias.  "September equinox" has absolutely no ring to it.)

Fortunately, we'll soon be in Arizona, where summer is still going strong.  I'll be able to use the cute new swimsuit I got on end-of-season clearance without freezing or having to use a hot tub or waiting until next summer.  I'll be able to stock some vitamin D, which I suspect I am sorely lacking.  Mostly because I don't go outside, and if I do I'm almost entirely covered up.

So yeah, summer is definitely over here, but we're going to milk another week out of it.  I can't wait, even if we are driving.  Fabulous Husband is not being particularly fabulous about the fact that we're driving.  I can't say I enjoy long car trips, but it is way cheaper than flying. And seeing as his last day of work at his old job was Tuesday and won't start his new job until we get back from Arizona, there's not really room in the budget for air travel, especially with inflated Labor Day prices.  I just like to focus on all the fun we'll have once we get there.  Besides, you can eat as much junk as you want while driving. I think it's a law.


  1. Food is probably the only thing Eric and I disagree about on road trips. I like to have a variety of snacks on hand, but he doesn't like to. He says he'll just sit and eat the whole time. I say that's the point.

    He also likes to go *in* to get and eat food, and I like to power through and use the drive-up. But at least we're both on the same page about peeing on the side of the road at ranch exits.

  2. Adam wants to pack food for lunch! I say it's a perfect excuse to eat fast food all day. But I appreciate him trying to save money...for once. We mostly have our own snacks, too. Lay's Stax for him, Pringles for me. String cheese for him, Sweet and Salty Nut Bars for me.

    Fortunately, he has to pee more often than I do, because I can barely stand gas station bathrooms, and he's content to go in a Gatorade bottle.

  3. I KNOW what you mean. Where did the summer go?
    My shock and awe usually dawns the hardest in December. What the heck Christmas?!? but I guess it's a little early this year.
    As for the road trip, airplanes are faster but the road can be fun too. Pictures and cool tunes and fun food, healthy or not and it can be a good memory.


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