Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Space junk is still closer to the stars

(Jane made me cookies, which is awesome of her, especially as they are awesome.  Let us not discuss how many I have eaten since they arrived on Saturday afternoon.)
My job is often very boring, but my husband reminded me that it also offers very unique experiences.  I'm kind of immune to the import now, but he pointed out that it IS a big deal.

See, imagine you worked at the White House in some boring, menial capacity.  Like a secretary executive assistant.  Every few weeks, you're minding your own business, on your way to the break room to get some water or buy some Sun Chips from the vending machine.  The elevator stops a floor early, and the president gets on.  He chats with you for a minute, asks your name, says he's going on a trip later that day.  (You know that, though, because you distributed the itinerary earlier in the week.)  Maybe a few weeks later, you're going around a corner, and you very nearly run into him.  One day you're walking down the hall, and you see three-fourths of the cabinet, all on their way to a meeting.  Despite the fact that your job is boring and your office has no windows, you're frequently exposed to some of the most important people there.

Now imagine instead of the White House, you're Catholic and working in the Vatican.  I don't expect that the Holy See really roams the halls, but stick with me.  The Pope doesn't work with you, but you see him all the time, just being in your "office building."  You see where I'm going with this?  I work at the headquarters for my church, and not a week goes by without me seeing someone of ecclesiastical significance.  After three years, it doesn't really phase me.  I'm more interested in which coworker is driving the golf cart than what general authority they're transporting. But for pretty much everyone else in my life, it's significant.  It's an experience they'll never have.  And just because I think my life is unexciting, doesn't mean that's true.  I just have to look at it from someone else's perspective to find the excitement.


  1. My first thought was about the golf carts too...
    Well, actually my first thought was about the USPS and how they promised the cookies would come on Friday but it quickly moved to golf carts.

  2. Golf carts in the parking garage, not the building.

    I'd say you should complain, but face it, USPS doesn't care.


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