Monday, August 16, 2010

Plans for this week

This week is scheduled to include:

Voice lessons
Okay, so I'm there pretty much every week, but I've been thinking about it lately.  I couldn't remember when I started, so I pulled up Mint to see how long I've been at it.  Since last June!  I've definitely made incremental progress, but getting my tonsils out was remarkable.  All of the sudden it's like, "Oh, that note used to be a stretch?  Huh."

Department picnic
Every year, we have a barbecue social.  I am grateful that my role is eating, and then cutting reimbursement checks.  It's a lot of work for the party committee members.  But the exciting thing this year is that they moved it to a more convenient location. No, wait, the exciting thing this year is that I'm bringing my husband, rather than my sister, (now) loser ex-boyfriend, or no one.  Yay, marriage!  But speaking of loser ex-boyfriends...

Awkward dinner
I got an email last night from said individual. This marks his last week working in Salt Lake, and would my husband and I like to go to dinner with him and his girlfriend? (Although I checked his FB page, and someone recently said "Holey toledo! Getting married?" so perhaps it is his fiancée.)  The answer to the question, though, is no.  I have no interest in remaining friends with him.  But Fabulous Husband is curious to meet him, so we're going.  Yay.  Although since my husband is taller, stronger, not balding, and not ridiculous, what have I got to lose?

Pirates of Penzance
Hooray! The time has come again for a show at the Hale!  We love the Hale! We love musicals! We love date night that's already planned!  Fact: next season is going to be fabulous, and we may be out of state for much (or all) of the year, which brings us no small amount of sadness.

Speaking of being out of state, we might possibly know this week what's going on with enlisting and moving and things.  Assuming it all works out, which it has to do eventually, right?  But remember, if it does, you have to help find someone to buy my condo. Imagine walking out your door in the morning and seeing this:


  1. Just don't move before the cookies get there. And they're coming, I promise.
    Also, GORGEOUS flower. I will buy the flower if not the condo. Deal?

  2. Sadly, it's so hot that the roses only last a day. The bloom I saw this morning will be withered by the time I get home.


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