Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grand plans

I found the master's degree for me.  Even better than NAU's MA in General English (which would be nice because I could take classes in several areas of interest), I want to do Penn State's M.Ed in Children's Literature.  Unfortunately, it's even more ridiculously expensive than NAU!  And all of their scholarships are for undergrads.  Apparently a master's is considered some sort of luxury. 

It would be easy if I was interested in getting student loans.  But, uh, I'm not.  And I can't reasonably expect my master's to be a priority before Adam's bachelor's.  Although while he's off learning other things, maybe I could take a class or two.

We've been talking about how we can take a real honeymoon before things get crazy, particularly before I get pregnant and swollen.  (Hey, I've been married eight months today!)  I think we've settled on a cruise as the best bang for your buck.  Considering that you can get them for as low as $60 per night per person, that's a way better deal than going somewhere and renting a hotel room and eating all your meals out.  (Adam said he gained 11 pounds on the last cruise he went on. And that boy can eat a lot before he gains weight!)  We'd probably end up paying more for a Christmas cruise, but...it's a Christmas cruise.  How awesome is that?

But it's a very tight schedule.  Adam is trying to join the National Guard.  He has almost everything he needs, but still needs to pass the physical and sign and swear in.  But if we play our cards right, he can have two weeks off during the so-called Christmas Exodus, where the Army basically shuts down when everyone goes home for the holidays.  If we played our cards very right, he could get a bonus for shipping within 45 days of signing.  And if the internet is to be believed (because nothing is incorrect on the internet!) we might be able to get an off-peak bonus, too, although that one I've not heard much about elsewhere.  That would be as much as $10k, just in bonuses.  Which would pay for what? four classes at Penn State?  Bleck.

Anyway, we won't know until Thursday (at the earliest, ugh) if Adam can enlist.  So, yeah. Still not good at waiting.


  1. I have no advice in the waiting department. I have zero patience.
    But I can advise you that a cruise is an excellent honeymoon, vacation or whatever. The food is plentiful and excellent, there's entertainment, and privacy and it's all on the ship. It really was one of our better trips.


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