Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A little visual tour of the upstairs portion of the fabulous condo that you or someone you know should buy, just as soon as I know when we're moving.  Also, my digital camera is old and sad (oh, and also broken) so these are all with my spiffy phone.
here we have the living room, looking towards the dining room and entry way.  It's a good sized room.  Behind the coffee table in the lower left corner there is another couch, with tables on either side.  The carpet is a neutral beigeish, and was replaced in 2009.  The light fixture in the entry way I schlepped all over the intermountain west before it finally was installed a year ago. That baby cost me several hundred bucks, back when I bought it.

The living room from the other side.  Note the beautiful, expensive ceiling fan. It has a remote! There's a matching fan in the main bedroom! There's also a programmable thermostat above the couch on the right.

Here we have the dining room.  Large enough that I can screen off some of it for storage, dump my Ikea Expedit shelf that we didn't know where else to put, and have a table for four.

Detail of the three-rail curtain system.  Easily removable, or keep it and customize it for your decor.  You can fit a crapload of stuff back there!

The kitchen was hard to photograph, because the light coming in from the large window over the sink (which in the summer overlooks two lovely maple trees; in the winter the vista is understandably less beautiful) was throwing off the poor little light meter.  But here's the microwave over the stove.  It has a fan, light/nightlight, and my favorite, the "add 30 seconds" button.  Put in in 2009.

Here we have the lovely tile counters.  Coordinates with the floors, walls, bathroom tile, etc. It's all very well matched, and was all done new before I bought it.  I know, because it was only partially done when I went to look at the place.  The kitchen is hard to photograph, mostly because of the limitations of my camera.  It's not huge, but I cook a lot and it has never stopped me from making anything I wanted.  The fridge is new as of this year (it was our Christmas gift to us! [cue Emperor's New Groove]) and the biggest we could find that fit our space.

There's also a half bath upstairs, which again is hard to photograph. But it's there, and there's a Bat Signal on the door.  (Bat room, get it?)

For other pictures, please see these entries: for the outside, for the light fixture in the dining room, for the tile work in the downstairs bathroom, for the dishwasher and other side of the kitchen. Maybe I'll clean up the downstairs and show you that too, including the not-even-two-years-old front load washer and dryer (with pedestals!), which will come with the place.  In fact, most of the furnitures and whatnot are negotiable.  You like my coffee table and matching end tables? The black leather couch (originally $500 at IKEA)?  Need a twin bed or dining room table?  Buy my condo and we'll talk.

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  1. I think I've been in your house - or one just like it! I love your ingenuity and if I wasn't scared of living in the Utah again, and Tarzan's job and all that, we would seriously take it under consideration.


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