Monday, July 12, 2010

Old clothes

The skirt I'm wearing today is six years old.  I bought it when I went to London for the first time, in 2004.  It cost ten pounds at this random no-name clothing store we popped into randomly.  I believe we were on our way back to the hotel after our traditional carvery dinner.

I like to buy clothing as souvenirs.  Not touristy clothing.  Regular clothes you'd wear any day of the week.  It's great, because then every time you wear it, you can think about the trip.  I have the skirt from London '04, the red-with-black-polka-dots top from London '06, the floral print top from Newport Beach this spring.  The dress from New York City '09.  It's perfect--I increase my wardrobe and I get souvenirs without clogging up a shelf with shot glasses and snow globes.  Jewelry would work similarly.

But it also gets me thinking. This skirt is six years old!  Most of my button-up shirts are four or five years old.  The black dress that was my bridesmaid dress is six years old this winter.  Shoot, the shirts I paint and color my hair in are from junior high!  Nearly all my heels are four years or older.

People are always talking about how you need to pay for quality items, but do we really?  I mean, how long are we supposed to hang on to a pair of black pants?  Am I supposed to love them for 15 years because I spent a lot on them?  Does anyone even stay the same size for that long?  If I can buy clothes at Target, Old Navy, Ross, etc. and wear them for years, do I really need to pay more?

Now, I know that expensive clothes are supposedly designed better or fit better or whatever, but...I really wouldn't know.  I've never bought an $80 pair of yoga pants, so I can't really say that they superior to my $15 Old Navy yoga pants.  Because let's face it--I'd rather buy five pairs of cheap pants and do laundry less frequently.


  1. I'm a cheapskate and I set price limits for how much I spend on certain kinds of clothes (ex. shirts $8-10, jeans $15, skirts $20, slacks $10...). But every once in a while I will find an insanely expensive item at Ross, Nordstrom Rack, or the Thrift store in my price range.

    You can tell the difference with certain brands. Off the top of my head Nike and Banana Republic have fabulous quality, last longer, and perform better. But would I pay the extra $100 for these items? No. Not really worth it, but I love getting them on sale, and look for the brands when I shop.

  2. Banana's not bad, but of the several things I've bought there, two of them snagged the first time I wore 'em. I can't even name another article of clothing I own that has snagged.

    But maybe because I paid more for it, I'm more sensitive to when things happen to it. I don't want to cry because something happened to a sweater.

    And Nike just doesn't fit my feet right.

  3. I think that the price shouldn't matter if the fit is good and the quality is good. If it's cheap on top of those two then bonus!

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  5. I'd say you're doing a good job of getting your money's worth and not to change anything. Quality is quality, and you can find quality goods at good prices.


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