Friday, July 2, 2010

Kindle for Android

Do you have an Android phone?  Did you know that there is now a free Kindle app for Android phones?  (Apparently they also have one for iPhones? But Apple is...not my favorite company. Although I do really appreciate Steve Jobs' stance on his products being porn-free.)  But I digress.

Kindle on your phone is great! Cheapskate that I am, I downloaded several public domain books.  It's kind of weird to turn the page nonstop (and that being on page 1159 puts me only a quarter of the way through a book), but it's definitely handy to have a book with me wherever I go, no matter how small my purse is.


  1. That's it, I'm impressed! Doesn't take much...

  2. I will never buy a Kindle because I wouldn't enjoy reading that way at all; however, having an app like that on my phone would be really nice for times like this, when the book I'm reading is a giant hardcover. Too bad I don't have an iPhone or an Android... but maybe someday.

  3. I hadn't thought about it like that, but that IS a definite advantage.


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