Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don't need to get rich quick. I just want to wear pants.

So I've been thinking about money making schemes lately.  Mostly because I want to work from home, dang it!  Like Jen of Cake Wrecks!  Or...the Pioneer Woman?  Or my friend's dad, who does reservations for Jet Blue from home.  I want to wear fleece pants, yoga pants, track pants.  Pants, mostly.  No nylons, at the very least.

I considered starting a blog that's sure to be a success.  Something like "Dumb things people say to me" or "Work sucks, I know."  People could submit their experiences and it would be awesome.

But y'know, I don't want to contribute to the cynicism of the internet.  I don't mind some good-hearted snarkiness (such as Cake Wrecks, or even Not Always Right) but I don't want to become FML, you know?  Do we really need another repository for depressing things?  Isn't that what MySpace is for?

Anyway, how many people actually make money off their blogs?  And I've said before that I don't actually want to be a professional blogger.  (Although the idea of a submission-driven site is great, because it's the users generating content.  Hello, Cheezburger network.)

So what feasible moneymaking schemes do I have?  I could actually tutor writing.  Sure, I'd never make much tutoring college students, as they are universally broke.  I guess I could try the rich parents of spoiled high schoolers, but I'd rather work with a slightly older crowd.

But how do I find these people?  Does anyone actually find a tutor of Craigslist?  Maybe I should have the hubs spread the word around his English 101 class.  I could put up fliers by the English classrooms or something.  Man, that's sounding like a lot of work for not a lot of money.

...Or would anyone perhaps be interested in buying some cinnamon rolls?


  1. That's a tough one because it's not just thinking of the product/service to offer, it's also the self promotion. I find that hard.
    You could try working for one of the online colleges. Tarzan's aunt does that and she works from home. She really likes the process of working with her students too.

  2. I want to start up a gift basket company via the internet and local businesses... If we team up you can make cinnamon rolls, I'll make the loaves of bread and cookies... this could be sweet! Or maybe we should start up a bakery...

  3. I've daydreamed about a bakery before. But we'd have to get up at like, four in the morning to start cooking.

  4. Oh my gosh I want to stop wearing nylons. I've been taking mine off about 20 minutes before I leave so that I can walk home barefoot (and so that I don't have to strip on the sidewalk), and those 20 minutes are the best part of any day (at work) no matter what else is going on.

  5. Oh, I know! If I'm not going straight home, I always take them off. Such a relief. And I've been doing this for three years!

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