Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Pepperidge Farm's new Goldfish Grahams are dangerously delicious, at least in the vanilla flavor.  I never would have bought them, but Smith's was rounding all coupons up to $1, so I spent hours (literally, multiple hours) clipping coupons and making my list.  I got the goldfish for all of $.25.  Unfortunately, I didn't seem to buy much in the way of dinner foods, and apparently you can only have Mexican food so many times in one month before Someone breaks down and complains.  But that's another story.

Of course, he took last night's non-Mexican leftovers and turned them into a burrito today, so I really can't win.  Face it, though, pretty much everything tastes better in a tortilla.  Apparently that includes garlic smashed potatoes and chicken and broccoli.


  1. It should be my mantra; boys are weird.

  2. You realize this makes you a better person than me... you coupon-ed!!! Crap, now I'm going to have to get all depressed or something ;)

  3. Yes, Amy, I AM better than you. Or really, I had a free evening to clip coupons while watching the Karate Kid II and you didn't.


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