Thursday, June 24, 2010

A word of advice

If you are a married man and your wife complains that as she was trying to remove a skirt from the closet, the velcro on your duty gear put a hole in a brand new pair of nylons that is large enough for two toes to stick out, do not say "That's where it always is," implying that she should have known better to stand there.  She may have also burned her hand, be mildly nervous about a pending job interview, and very sad that your bff neighbors have suddenly announced that they are moving.  This will effectively ruin the day before the clock even strikes 8, and may make her a little tearful as she drives to her increasingly frustrating job.  Choose a more compassionate reply, such as "Oh no, that's terrible!" so as not to upset her more than the morning already has.

This is just a suggestion based on a hypothetical situation.  It's not at all how my morning went.  No, not at all.  I mean, I've got three toes sticking out the hole in my nylons.


  1. Smile! Breathe! It will be alright, I promise. I know you're going to knock the socks off the interviewers, because you're an awesome person and a great writer. Good luck to day! And I say you have a great excuse to take your nylons off...

    "I just got this run, and it look unprofessional to continue to wear them." You don't want the church to look bad, do you ;)

  2. Boys. They just don't know how important that most special pair of nylons are, and how irritating it is to have to wear ones with holes or find new ones that fit just right.


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