Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What makes you awesome?

I was filling out a job application (thanks, Amy!) and there was a box with the instructions "Tell us what makes you awesome."  I decided to go slightly whimsical, because based on the photos in their Flickr stream, it seems like they would appreciate that. I don't remember remember the job-applicable things I put, but I know I did include "I like to bake treats and force the surplus on my friends and neighbors.  I like puns.  I let my husband put his 'clothing optional beyond this point' sign outside our bedroom door." and I can't be sure, but think I closed with "I read the Chicago Manual of Style for fun.  Really."

So tell me, what you you put on a job application that asks you to tell why you're awesome?


  1. Ooo, sounds like a cool job! Lessee... I could say somehting like "I make rainbow colored waffles for my kid everyday.... I own more guitar amplifiers than my husband... I play VIOLIN. THE COOLEST INSTRUMENT THERE IS."

  2. I think I could work at a place if that was on the job application.
    I would put "large desire to grow things, widespread love of music, deep apprciation of other people's talents and crazy mad skills in the kitchen."

  3. GOOD LUCK! It's a great company and I hope you get it!!!


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