Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TV is on vacation

Last night when the news came on, FH asked, "Why don't we turn off the TV?"  I looked at him, bleary with my crying-induced headache, and said in the most pitiful voice (no mustering needed), "Because you took the batteries out of the remote!"

He had been looking for AAA batteries, and we didn't have any, so he just Frankensteined them from the remotes.  I knew he'd forget to put them back, and we'd end up in exactly that situation.  So he had to get up and walk ALL THE way across our not very large living room to turn it off.  Serves him right.

Anyway, Glee is over for the season, so there's nothing left to turn on the TV for until season premieres in the fall.  Well, and Netflix.  Thank goodness for Netflix.


  1. Was the crying about Glee? We haven't watched the finale yet.

  2. No, not about Glee. It's just been a rough week. I found the season finale somewhat predictable, though still a delight.

  3. Well of course it's predictable - stories like that are minorly annoying - if they don't win the show's over so...
    Still the musical numbers are the best parts anyway.


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