Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our first date (and second, and third)

For our first date, Adam thought we should go rock climbing.  Bouldering, really.  I said, "That sounds..interesting."  It did, really.  Interesting in a "you clearly don't know me very well if that's what you're picking for our first date" kind of way.  But I'm a carefree, easy-going girl (RIGHT?), so I went with it.

Um, what does one wear to go bouldering on a first date?  You don't want to bust out the track pants (or worse, yoga pants) but you'd also like to stay covered and look nice.  This is a terrible wardrobe dilemma.  I picked something, maybe wasn't 100% sure of it, but I went with it.  BECAUSE I'M EASY-GOING.

He got to the house, and we chatted for a little while.  I admitted that my nervousness existed on many levels.  I may have been even a little panicky.  I stalled, keeping him talking.  Think of all the ways this can go wrong--wardrobe malfunctions, awkward views of my butt, confirmation of my complete lack of coordination or physical fitness, heights, falling.... There were just too many ways to go wrong.

Finally, he said suggested that we just grab dinner, since he could see that the thought of going climbing made me uncomfortable (and as he pointed out later, the whole point was to make me comfortable so I'd keep dating him).  So that's what we did.  Our first date consisted of sitting in my living room, talking; eating dinner at Mimi's, where he learned that I too love ranch dressing and eavesdropping in restaurants; talking in my living room; talking outside his car.  See?  Lots of talking is a good thing, because it means you find each other interesting.

I had free tickets to the state fair, which ended very soon, and was hosting a birthday party at my house (all this also mentioned here) so I asked him out for our second date.  Our first date was on a Wednesday, the party was Friday, I had a date with someone else on Saturday, so I suggested that we go the next night.  I wanted cotton candy for dinner, dang it, and I had already been thwarted twice.

The state fair was fun.  I ate cotton candy, Adam attempted to win something for me on various carnival games, we saw cows and a large butter statue...everything I want from a fair.  He was panicking because of my date with this other guy, but I told him not to worry about it, because I wasn't really into Other Guy.  Finally I stuck my hand out and told him to hold it.  No subtle reaching over nonsense.  It's far easier to be direct.

The next night was my friend's birthday party, which he also attended, though not for long.  He tried to kiss me on the cheek, but I totally blocked it, mostly to harass him.  Besides, we'd only been on two dates.

Saturday night I had a date with Other Guy, so Adam went to the gym and swam.  The whole time.  He was a little anxious.  But when I got home, I called him.  I had to go grocery shopping, so I asked if he wanted to come along.  Third date:  Albertson's. Some might say that's not technically a date, but why can't it be?  Not every date has to be a song-and-dance number.

We talked about dating exclusively (why does that sound so old-fashioned?) and I believe my exact words were "I can agree to that."  I'm such a romantic.

After that, we were inseparable.  In fact, the only days we haven't seen each other since our first date was when I went  home for Thanksgiving and he had to stay and work.  Even if it was only for an hour or two, we always made it a point to see each other.  And it must have worked.


  1. It's adorable that he panicked so quickly about you seeing another guy.

  2. I'm loving your me+him stories. Maybe with Reid's and my 10 year friendiversary coming up, I should pull out some old stories from HS to share?

  3. Hah, Jared had a date with anohter girl about a week after we'd met and were spending every blasted day together. It had already been planned and he freaked out that I would read too much into it, but I was thrilled because I thought maybe this meant we weren't as serious as it was actually getting. No luck there though :) I LOVE your reply - "I can agree to that." So Cathie it's perfect.


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