Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nearly six months later...

Man, these files are huge.  The size of this post is directly determined by my patience with the uploading speed.  Thank you, friend who has his own photo "business" for giving us all the pictures, free of copyright restriction nonsense.  (Incidentally, the captions come before the photos, because when it comes after, I always end up scrolling up to look at it again.  You're welcome.)

Coming out the entirely nondescript door set aside for marriage parties: 

Not sure what's going on here.  Had I grabbed his butt, maybe?  It's quite, quite possible.

Announcing it on Facebook, to the surprise of those who only communicate with me on Facebook.  Such was their punishment for not keeping in better contact.

Blowfish face.  My face hurt from all the grinning.

The rare Smiling Little Brother.  We should photoshop my sister to face forward.

I totally won.  You know what game I'm talking about.

I like pictures that don't show that I have poor posture:

Although it looks like we're gazing lovingly into each other's eyes, we're mostly just talking about how friggin hungry we are:

Okay, that's enough for now.  Funny thing, the DVD of our pictures has been in my computer basically nonstop since we got them.  Apparently I don't use my disc drive much.  


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  2. I love them! You two are so cute.

  3. I love your pictures! Very cute. As always...those shoes are killer. Gotta love DSW.

  4. We were laughing about something! I like nondirect pictures anyways.

  5. We should photoshop the pink sweater. Good gracious, gray scale, people.

    Simply stunning, I'm so happy for you that 1. you found someone you could love enough to go through the horror of getting married, and 2. that your pictures are SO lovely :)

    You don't write much about how life has changed since you started cohabitating with a mate. I know I gished far too much in my first year, but it was only that when there was something to gush about I went whole hog. The transition was... difficult, shall we say?
    So I wanna hear more about that. And about why he was good enough to capture the heart of mz. Cathie!

  6. You look gorgeous! I absolutely adore your hair.

  7. Thanks, Miri! Candace did it, based of a photo I texted her a month or so beforehand. She's good.

    And Reva, except for someone taking his half out of the middle of the bed, it's really not that shocking of a transition. I mean, I can still walk around in whatever state of undress that I please....

  8. Reva, I had just had a baby 5 weeks before the wedding and this was the only sweater that fit. I had asked Cathie one more time before we left about the greyscale thing and she wasn't definitive enough for me. And if Cathie doesn't say NO, then it must be ok, cause otherwise, she'd say it. Cut a new mom some slack!

  9. Hey, you knew what the theme was. You asked if you could wear pink, and I believe my response was "Fine, wear whatever you want." I'm no bridezilla.

  10. Have the second, third, fourth the comment about the smashing shoes!
    These are gorgeous pictures!


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