Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life can be so unfair

I am absolutely forbidden from buying this:

So unfair. I think it would really jazz up the bathroom.  And it's even my signature color!

The only chance I have in getting it is if I agree to get the LED shower light, which we first saw in the SkyMall catalog on one of our many trips.  I cringe at the thought of it.

See, FH's decorating style tends to the college-age doofus (yes I did cave last week and let him put up his "Clothing optional beyond this point" sign outside our bedroom door) and mine tends to the zany...and macabre.

Marriage is all about compromise.


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  2. You can't have that but he got that sign?!?!?! That is completely unfair. I think that is WAY less tacky than a clothing optional sign outside a bedroom... although, let him have his fun before you have kids AND they learn how to read ;)

  3. I think that's an awesome shower set - at least in the daylight. I'd probably creep myself out if I forgot we had it and shuffled in some morning without turning on the light.
    Maybe for the guest bathroom?


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