Sunday, June 6, 2010

How I met your, my husband

In honor of our six monthiversary (ask me sometime why it can't be a six month anniversary), I thought I'd tell a few stories, since apparently at least one inquiring mind wants to know.

My Fabulous Husband and I met at church.  I was teaching Sunday School.  The lesson: dating and marriage.  Yeah.  Not that the lesson manual specifically talks about dating much, but for a group of singles, it's the obvious route to take.  What am I going to do, stand up there and talk about how great marriage is?

Anyway, I don't really mince words (you had no idea, did you?) and apparently he found something quite appealing in my no-nonsense approach to telling people what they should do.  (Let's face it, you can't get married if you don't date.  That's just how this game works.)  I don't actually remember him from that class, though I do remember that he sat behind me in the combined third-hour class.  I said hello, maybe "Are you new?"  Nothing spectacular.

So he friended on Facebook the girl he was sitting next to, and then asked her how to find me.  I'm her FB friend, too, but was blonde at the time and my FB profile picture is brown-haired.  I'm pretty particular about accepting friend requests (ask the nine people currently languishing in friend-request purgatory) but accepted his, even though I didn't know him.

A few days later, he sends me a FB message (smart people don't put it on your wall!) that said
So I have this problem. I'm not going to be in church for 2 weeks and there's this girl I would like to ask out(wink wink) but I don't have her phone #. apparantly when I get back she won't remember me either(wink wink) so I need to act fast so I'm not forgotton. How could I go about getting her number(wink wink)???????
He thinks that was pretty smooth.  I think that was pretty dorky.  But I let him think he was smooth.  Marriage is all about picking your battles.

I replied with
Well, there's always the ward list. Or hey, you could ask her for it.
 I was riffing on Ocean's Eleven there, which really only works if you know the movie well.  It works even better if you hear me say it.

Anyway, he then replied and asked for my phone number.  I waited 11 hours before I responded, partly because I was in Orem most the day, but mostly just to mess with him.  I had time to do it before I left for the storytelling festival; I just didn't.  I'm apparently a huge jerk like that.

Stay tuned for our next exciting chapter of How I Met My Husband.  Although, actually, we've covered all that.  I guess someone needs to come up with a better title.


  1. LOL, I was already quoting Ocean's Eleven in my head as I read your response to him. You should move back to AZ.

  2. I was with him until (winkwink) - poor boy. LOVE your response. He didn't get no squishy brain-ed lady for a wife. Bless you for taking pity on him :)

  3. I know, right? It was obvious what he was talking about without all the winking. Silly boy. But as he always says, as he points to his ring, "It worked!"


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