Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How I met my husband, chapter two

Last we met, he asked for my phone number on Facebook.  If he had asked me out over FB, I would have said no.  He assures me that he knows better than that.

I don't remember how it started.  Did he call first, or send a text? He had the tendency to set up "appointments" to call.  "Is it okay if I call you tomorrow?" type of thing.  I found that amusing.

He got my number on Saturday, so at this point we've known each other for a week.  He had to work on Sunday, but he asked if he could call me.  I told him he could, but if I didn't answer it was because I was taking a nap.  He did call, and I did hear it, but I didn't answer.  Naps are important.  I called him back when I got up, though, and suggested that he come to the potluck at the church that night.

He did go--just to see me, he tells me now--but the dish I was making took longer than expected and by the time I got there, there were no seats to be found.  Someone else jumped up to get me a chair and make room for me, so I ended up at the complete opposite end of the table.  I couldn't even really remember from the previous week what he looked like, so it was a good opportunity to check him out.  He was cute enough, but I wasn't exactly head over heels for him.

He had to work early the next day, so he didn't stay long, but I think he did try my baked pasta concoction and come over to our end of the table to say hi and how delicious it was.  (It wasn't.  It's better as regular pasta and not baked.)  I'm sure we had an appointment to talk the next night.  There were lots of calls and texts at first, and I don't have my hand-written journal handy, so some of this is approximations.  Deal with it. I'm not under oath.

On Wednesday, I was going to a party with a friend.  Also in attendance was the friend from the last chapter, who had helped Adam find me on Facebook.  We were talking about it, and I said that he was coming on a little strong, and that I was tempted to send him a text message that said, "Hey, you seem like a nice guy, so let me give you a tip: you're coming on a little strong."  I mean, calling, texting--what was going on here?

Oh, wait.  Apparently that's what they call pursuing.  It's not really done any more, so it was a little foreign to me.  But I thought about it, and decided that though it was unusual, it wasn't actually unpleasant.  So I decided I should help him out a little.

On Tuesdays, Adam had a crazy long day that would start at like, 4:30 a.m.  I had never initiated contact with him--all the calling and texting conversations were started by him.  So on a Tuesday, I sent him a text message and asked how his long day at work had been.  He told me later that he was still on the trucks when he got my message, but that he was so excited.  See?  I know how these games work.

All this time, we still hadn't gone on a date.  When he asked for my number, he had plans to go to California to visit his family, and because his job is dumb, he had to work twelve days straight in order to get a few days off.  So there had been no time to go out.

But finally, after almost two weeks, the date was approaching.  I told him to come up with something interesting.  It turned out to be too interesting...

Join us again next week, when I talk about our first date!


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