Friday, May 21, 2010

They probably don't require RSVPs for barnyard parties

You know the old "Were you raised in a barn?!" schtick?  It took all my self control not to pull it out on someone today.

I got to work and found the following email waiting for me:


"I believe I've neglected "RSVP"ing regarding the luncheon. Forgive my tardiness. Please include me in your list of attendees."

So, basically what you're saying is that you didn't RSVP, which you only realize now, on the day of the event.  Sorry, you say, but don't worry, BECAUSE I'M COMING ANYWAY.  No "is it too late to be included?"  No "would it upset your arrangements very much if I still came?"  Nope.  Just "hey, I'm sticking it to you, because I have no manners!"

Do people not understand the point of an RSVP?  Do they think the food magically just appears?

It just makes me so mad.  So, so mad.  If you've passed the RSVP date, your only option is to come begging, cap in hand.  I wanted to email back and say, "Oh, I'm sorry, we didn't receive your RSVP, so we planned on you not coming.  Please be sure to join us next year."  But no, I can't, because the whole point of the luncheon is maintaining working relationships.

Okay, so maybe I'm taking things a little too personally.  I've been a bit of a basketcase this week, for reasons unknown.  Still.  These are high-ranking, respected individuals in the community, and they can't be bothered to shoot me an email in the MONTH since I sent out the invitations?  Poor form.


  1. Speaking of your first paragraph...

    My family lived in St. Louis when all the kids were born. I asked my mom once where in St. Louis, to which she replied - "You were born in St. Louis Hospital, your brothers were born in barns."

    WHAT?? I kept saying incredulously "IN BARNS??? IN BARNS???" To which my mom kept saying "Yes, what's the big deal?" And I finally said "With COWS??" and then she realized she had to further explain that there was a hospital named "Barnes" in St. Louis. Still, it was a funny conversation.

    As for the rest of the e.mail, you are totally allowed to go out for Mexican and have your husband give you a back rub. It totally warrants that.

  2. Okay, that is funny! And then your mom could never ask them if they were born in a barn!

    Everything turned out fine at the luncheon, as it always does. I'm just a ball of stress leading up to it. On the upside, I always take home the leftover food so that I don't have to make dinner. Baron of beef twice in one day isn't the end of the world...

  3. I planned two company Christmas parties and there was always drama about RSVP'ing. By the second year I ended up ordering one extra of each dish just in case... And then 4 people didn't bother to show up. SO you really never win!

  4. I hate that about people and RSVPs. What's the point of sending out the request if they aren't going to actually reply and you have to call and follow up? Oy. People.


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