Friday, May 14, 2010

Text recognition software is not foolproof

...either that, or someone is a REALLY bad typer.

I recently cashed in my credit card rewards points for an Amazon gift certificate.  I split it with FH.  He spent his on merchandise themed after his favorite football team.  I spent mine on kitchen tools that will ultimately improve everyone's lives, because last I checked everyone here likes to eat.

But I digress.  On the back of my steamer basket is this amusing text:
Try steam cooking fresh vegetabies to Enhance their fiavor and to preserve nutrients. Stearner basket expands up to 9" in diameter to fit a variety of pans.  When preparing large vegetables such as corn-on-the-cob, the center post is removable.
Notice how l turns into i and m becomes rn?  Good times.

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  1. I totally get you on the your-thing-is-just-for-you-but-mine-thing-is-for-us. I often feel like Reid desires frivolous/selfish things, but my desires are for our home/us, so it shouldn't really come out of "my" money. Is it really true? Who knows. We need the marriage ref to decide.


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