Monday, May 3, 2010

Spam sushi

Am I the only one who gets obviously spam comments with a mystery link to what is no doubt some virus-infested site?  I don't know my Asian languages well enough to determine what language it is (Chinese, maybe?) but all I know is that they're really annoying.  I--like most people--get all excited when I see that I have a new comment, and then there's the big letdown.  "Oh.  Spam.  Awesome."

At least the spambots think I'm worthwhile, though, right?


  1. Hi Cathie,
    This is Heather from Family Volley. I just wanted to thank you for your advice today on the end of the Year Teacher Gifts. What good insight, and you know first hand. I think I will go with the movie ticket idea and save the crayon collage for decorations in our play room.

    And.. I love your blog. Love the red shoes, and your letter to Martha Stewart is spot on. :)

    Thanks again for following. Hope you will leave more comments and opinions.

  2. It makes me wonder what was in the one post that gets 5 spam comments but not in any other.


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