Monday, May 24, 2010

No, seriously honey. Where are the kids?

This made me laugh today.  Also, the little girl is adorable.


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  2. So funny, had to show Reid. And my car-shopping dinner guests. Am I cool enough to rock a swagger wagon?

    P.S. Don't you love when I comment on your daily posts on a weekly basis? :)

    P.S. 2 (How do you handle a second post script?) We might be moving to Utah...

  3. What kills me is that you comment on them in reverse-order, which makes sense since that's how they're posted, but reading the email notifications is like going back in time.

    It's P.P.S., for post-postscript.

    And that is awesome. We'll be here for a couple years, probably. I keep watching for internal secretary jobs (sigh) in Arizona, so I could transfer, but face it, there aren't that many.


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