Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's not talk about immigration

I'm not interested at this time in airing--or hearing--personal views on Arizona's SB 1070.  I will tell you that boycotting the state to punish everyone for the decisions of the lawmakers is pretty lame, especially in already-difficult financial times.  "We think some of you are jerks, so we're all going to act like jerks right back at you!"

But Google Reader recommended something to me that I have to share.  The city of Los Angeles has decided to boycott Arizona, so a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission wrote the mayor of LA a letter.  A letter that says, "You want to boycott us?  Fine.  A fourth of your electricity comes from Arizona.  We'll take that back, thanks."

I believe the correct reaction here is "Oh snap!"  I mean, California knows how to do rolling blackouts, right?  They could totally operate on 25 percent less power.  All the time.  With no foreseeable end.  No, it wouldn't negatively impact Angelinos to boycott Arizona, would it?

See the actual letter here.  And the article that points you to it.

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  1. SUCH a stupid argument all around. Everyone competing to see who can be the most childish. It's the "freedom fries" issue all over again.


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