Monday, May 17, 2010

Lemme tell you where you can put those coupons...

Another rant, if I may.  Lately, several Facebook "friends" have been posting pictures of their grocery shopping adventures.  "I got $153 worth of stuff for 83% off!"  "I saved $67!"  "I did an emergency tracheotomy on a choking guy and got a free package of bagels!"  "I saved an orphaned litter of kittens and got two-for-one on cat litter!"  That sort of stuff.

I'm really happy for them and everything, but I mostly just want to tell them to shut it.  I'm just happy that it has been over a month since we ran out of milk.  If I go to the grocery store once a week, we're sitting pretty.  I manage to feed my husband dinner almost every night, sometimes even with actual cooking!

I don't have time to scour the Smith's ads to see how I can leverage the double coupon promotion to my maximum advantage.  I certainly don't have time to make more than one trip to the store in a week.  I'm happy if there happens to be a coupon for something I need to buy, but I don't have what could reasonably be called a system.  You know why?  I have a job.  I spend 50 hours a week driving to, from, or sitting in my office.  Today I clipped my fingernails in the car at stoplights.  I come home to furiously clean and cook (and occasionally blog, heh) so that I can spend a few precious hours with my husband when he gets home from work before we have to go to bed and start the whole friggin process over.

It just seems so...gloat-y.  "I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I have time to organize my coupons and visit each store in order to save the most.  Look how much better I am than you."

So maybe I'm taking it a little too personally.  Maybe it's supposed to be inspirational.  Maybe it's Monday and I'm tired and not in the mood to come up with something to cook. Whatever.  But I still kind of want to slap someone around a little.


  1. Amen sistah!!! I feel the same way (but with more than just coupons). It's a lot harder to be a working woman than a lot of people think.

    Now that Dave's out of school for the semester he helps a lot more, but I somehow end up doing more of the house work anyway! Something about having a higher level of clean and eating than men and therefore having to make up for the difference.

    Oh, I found a fabulous Chicken Tortilla soup recipe that cooked for 9 hours in our crockpot yesterday. the Crockpot is the only way we eat "real" meals. I'll email it to you!

  2. I totally agree. People at work talk about how their wives clip coupons and shop for deals and get incredible bargains, and it's just not realistic for my situation. I *wish* I had an extra hour or two to scour the internet for the cheapest this or that. Or a spouse to do it for me.

  3. I suspect a lot of people feel this way. The expectations placed on a working woman are just unreasonable. I'm supposed to work all day, then get home and be a brilliant home economist. I've long said I need to be a wife, or have one.

  4. Hmm...except for the fact that I do not post it on FB, that could be me. Yes, I have saved more than 83%, and yes I have walked out of the store carrying products but without opening my wallet (i.e. free). And yes, I'm proud of that. I'm just not sure how that became an attack on the working women of the world?

    I suppose I take everyone's FB status with a grain of salt - it's rare that what is shared is not somehow showing off. But A: can you imagine how sad your life would be if that is what you were bragging about? and B: when you have one salary but the same financial responsibilities, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Hey, I hear you on not having the time for it all (clipping, sorting, watching sales, shopping at multiple stores). There's no way I did any of that when I was working. But now I'm not and we have 1.75 kids. This is a part of my new job at home, so I work hard at it. I'm just not sure how someone else's sucess (whose circumstances are different than yours) should bring such negative feelings.

  5. Becca, it's because somehow I'm made to feel that I'm expected to manage the same success without the same circumstances--especially since we're essentially a one-income family, thanks to school and a part time job.

  6. Cathie, I'm sorry that some of your "friends" are making you feel bad, and I hope I never fall into that category. Wish we lived in Utah and we could be hang-out friends...then maybe I could just tell you what the deals are each week. ;)

  7. It comes down to the "it worked for me" vs the "this is what you must do" argument again.
    If it works for them, boo-yah. Whatever is more efficient for whoever involved. That's all.


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