Monday, May 3, 2010

I want it, though I know I'll never get it

Some of the lights in my house are still very ugly brass "boob" lights.  I want to replace them, but I want to replace them with attractive, interesting lights.

Although I'm rather confident that the (usually) fabulous husband would draw the line, I want this chandelier for my kitchen:

Is it not spectacular?  I think it would make those terrible kitchen tasks--like hand washing my awesome  knives and scrubbing cast iron pans with salt--just a little more enjoyable.  But alas, I'm almost sure it's not to be.  My husband may be a dandy (we joke that he's a gay man who likes women), but I think this might be a bit much, even for him.

See cjane's thoughts on the chandelier.


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  2. ya know, I've always said that I wanted to marry a gay guy who liked women. Bryan and I joke that he is very "metro." But he's dandy in different ways than Adam.

  3. And Chloe's name is "C. Jane" too!


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