Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love payday

Husband's paycheck deposits today, and mine tomorrow.  I love those two days when there's lots of money in our accounts.  Sure, pretty much all of it is already spoken for.  But at least for a little while, that money is all mine.  (Ours.)

Also, there's something to be said for getting checks in the mail on occasion, especially when you've been waiting for it for several months.  And then you go to your favorite Mexican restaurant for mini chiminichangas and a virgin daiquiri, because the prodigal money has returned.  And because you're going to the Home Depot anyway so you'll be right by it, and it would take just as long or longer to make your own tacos, and they really do have the best salsa....

And hey! When is running a super sale, you can get a $10 gift certificate (or four) for $1.20 each, making your favorite Mexican restaurant a teeny bit more affordable. So bring on the overpriced frozen drinks and the extra charge for more chips and sour cream!

Please note that you can also get the chips and salsa to go and give them to your favorite blogger.

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  1. We went out for Mexican the other day for basically that reason. I feel all snuggly in a Mexican restaurant booth, they're just so darn comforting. Yeah, there's actually one of those in town :) I love money day, but no more money day of my own. Grrrr.


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