Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I haven't seen The Reader...

I don't know why I have resisted Google Reader for so long.  It is so convenient.  I would sometimes forget to check a site that didn't update frequently, or else end up constantly checking sites to see if they've updated again.  If you follow a lot of blogs, you should use it.  Makes life so much easier.

But every time I go to my Reader, I think of one handsome Australian, Hugh Jackman, singing his opening number at the Oscars.  That man is like golden.  Voice of an angel. I'm glad my husband--unlike my LEb (loser ex-boyfriend)--doesn't mind that I find Hugh attractive, because I do.

Anyway.  His song is funny.  I would embed the video in case you didn't see the Oscars last year, but they have it disabled.  Grrr.  Click through.  It's worth it.


  1. Reader is my boyfriend. F'reals. Now if Reader would make a baby with Buzz and maybe make a Facebooky baby, that would be AWESOME.

  2. Love me some Hugh Jackman and that WAS a funny song. I liked him hosting the Oscars.


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