Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All these years, I've been so wrong

A few years ago, a friend corrected me when I called a coat a jacket.  Or a jacket a coat.   I had used them interchangeably for years, but apparently there was a distinct difference, based on warmth.  I'm from Arizona.  It doesn't get cold enough to need a differentiation between jackets and coats.

Well, today I was shopping online for summer bedding, and apparently there are all these nuanced definitions between terms.  I've always used comforter and bedspread interchangeably, but it looks like I once again am woefully uneducated. Turns out a comforter is not the same thing as a bedspread (which goes all the way to the floor and is almost exclusively overwhelmingly frilly), which is similar to but not the same as a coverlet, as it doesn't reach the ground.  And then of course there's a duvet, which technically goes inside the duvet cover but is often used to refer to the cover itself.  And it goes on.  A quilt is often a coverlet.  Blanket appears to be a blanket term (p.s., I like puns) for any warmth-oriented covering.

While I appreciate the specificity--once I figured out the differences--it still doesn't do me much good.  Alas, I am locked in an epic battle of the will over the appropriate pattern and color scheme.  Oddly, it's the husband's tastes that tend towards the flowery and mine toward the geometric.  It doesn't help that our headboard and nightstands are red, which eliminates a good portion of the color wheel.  I guarantee we'd have purple bedding if it weren't for the red.  As it is I have to remind that purple doesn't go with red.

I'm struggling with what I like to call "the bread aisle problem."  I'm standing in an aisle full of nothing but bread, and I'm paralyzed but the number of choices.  All I need is bread, yo.  But do I need whole grain bread? Sourdough? Potato? Buttery split top?  The kind with the little seeds in it? (No.  Too much crunch for a piece of bread.)  Cinnamon swirl?  Do they have the kind without humiliated grapes?  What am I going to be doing with the bread?  Sandwiches?  What kind?  Grilled cheese?  Chicken salad? PB&J?  Toast?  My toaster can't accommodate the wider loaves.  French toast?  Too many choices!

Eventually, though, I just pick a loaf of bread.  And you know what?  It turns out okay.  So one of these days, we're going to just buy a comforter--or bedspread or duvet cover or whatever it ends up being--and everything will be just fine.

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  1. I just thought coats were long and jackets short...and if it covers the bed, we're good.


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