Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please don't touch my car

I will freely admit that my car spends most of its time in various states of dirty.  The weather lately has been especially mercurial--note that it was 75 degrees yesterday, and right now it's 39 and raining.  I refuse to wash my car unless the seven-day forecast lacks any animated precipitation, so it's been a while since I washed it.  (Besides, a clean car shows all the little scratches in the paint, which makes me sad.)

Recently, though, someone wrote "Wash me" in the dirt spots on my trunk.  First of all, bite me.  I'll wash my car when I feel like it.  If it bothers you so much, obnoxious stranger, YOU wash my car.  Second of all, though, I find this incredibly rude.  Writing in the dust is bad for the paint.  I don't write messages on your car with ultra fine sandpaper, yet essentially that's what you're doing to mine.

Besides, it had just rained.  Now, on my mission I washed my car in a light rain, but that's because it was Tuesday and we washed our car on Tuesdays, end of story.  I don't wash my car in the rain anymore, and I don't wash my car if it's supposed to rain at any time this week. Deal with it.

On the upside, after this week of rain, it is supposed to be clear and sunny.  Watch for a shiny blue car, clean as a week.

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  1. I just laugh at people who write in the dust on my car, after someone put "WSAH ME."
    If you can't spell, don't advertise it.


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