Thursday, April 15, 2010

Observations from the couch

A couple things I'd like to point out:

Pepperoni is not the new bacon.  Bacon is still bacon, and pepperoni continues to be for pizzas and the occasional crazy salad.

A bacon cheeseburger is not a grilled cheese sandwich, no matter how much cheese you put on it.  You put meat on it, it's a hamburger.  Add cheese, and it's a cheeseburger.  Grilled cheese is cheese on bread!  Stop trying to fancify it!

Uh, in other news, I haven't eaten in over a week and I'm obsessed with food.  I couldn't fall asleep last night and passed the time listing the things I want to eat.  Pizza, popcorn, grilled cheese, breadsticks, cake, cookies, french fries, a salad, rice crispy treats, rolls, name it, I'm craving it.


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  2. Does that mean the tonsils came out or are you just obsessed with food?

  3. Obsessed with food because the tonsils came out.


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