Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashion stuff that just doesn't do it for me

Now, some of you, dear readers, may embrace some of these fashion concepts.  If it works for you, great.  But they bug me, and I have to vent somewhere.

Very skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings...really, anything that looks painted on or poured into.

And speaking of leggings!  Leggings under dresses are not a look I can get behind.  For one, I remember it from the first time around.  Bleck.  You're not wearing tights.  You're wearing pants under a dress.  It's one thing to wear it to the mall, but when people wear them to more formal places--church, the temple, weddings, funerals--oooh, it grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard.

Skinny belts.  They don't DO anything.  They're not holding up your pants.  They're not keeping your shirt buttoned.  They're...chopping your torso in half visually?  This is another reheated 80s trend.  Basically, I don't like the 80s.  THE 80s WERE UGLY.  And if you're going to bring back something, bring back HyperColor t-shirts!

Fashion websites that imply that your baby's figure has flaws--that you need to dress your baby to camouflage a baby muffin top, or that you need to worry about smoothing out the diaper line.  If you want to accessorize your baby within an inch of her life, fine.  But babies don't have figures, and they certainly don't have FIGURE FLAWS.  Muffin top?  Babies have tummies, not muffin tops.  Diaper line?  Why not just get a thong diaper?  I mean, SNL has you covered there:

SNL Diaper Thong Skit

Nichole | MySpace Video

I'm sure there's more.  What fashion trends bother you?


  1. I agree with the leggings at church. That's way too casual for church. Not ok.

  2. Agree, agree, and here's another TMI issue - lingere. I can't find anything I dig lately. Everything is a thong or G-string, and I been there, done that, and would rather not do it now that I have given birth twice. Some cute bikini bottoms? Noooo, it's either a thong or a boyshort, which looks positively disgusing on women who don't look like little boys. Sheez, more babydolls? gah. FINE.

  3. The new intern in my division showed up on her first day with a skirt and leggings and no tights/stockings. I don't like the look, but I was jealous because I hate hosiery and no one seemed to care that she was skipping it. (This is kind of a comment for this and the next post.)

  4. I totally agree; leggings, jeans, cargo, none of these are stockings - they're pants and under a dress it just looks weird.


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