Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diet starts tomorrow!

The joke is that our little family is going on a diet, since as of tomorrow afternoon FH won't be able to chew, and a week from today I won't be able to swallow.  Well, not that I'm much of a fan now; my  throat has really been bothering me, so much so that last night I dreamed that I went to the doctor.  Dream-doctor was all, "These have to come out RIGHT NOW."  I second the motion, sir.

It's a great excuse, though.  "I can't go to the gym; my throat is killing me."  I can't remember the last time I cooked an actual dinner.  I'm never hungry lately.  This happens periodically anyway, but an aversion to swallowing doesn't help.  If you ask me what I want for dinner, I will invariably say "ice cream."  I haven't been indulging too much, though, because I get as much as I want after they slice me open.  (Speaking of slice, we had Papa John's for dinner on Tuesday, and it was the best it's ever tasted.  Am eating leftover breadstick now.)

A friend mentioned that he lost 25 pounds when he got his wisdom teeth out.  My reaction was along the lines of "Say whaa?!"  I didn't ask, but it made me wonder what happened.  That's not a normal reaction.  Most people are on pudding for a few days, but 25 pounds?  That's a lot of lost calories.

In other news, there's nothing I love more than the first of the month.  Resetting my budgets in Mint, and nothing is over budget yet.  There's something magical about the sense of promise, like maybe this month we won't have ridiculously huge expenses come up and I can actually keep things from going red.  Maybe if someone hadn't refused to drive to California...!  But no, most of it is dumb things like medical bills and windshield replacements and bullet-resistant vests.  And oh, I need to buy more contacts this month!  Don't get me wrong, we'll get the British phone booth DVD cabinet eventually, but it's pretty low on my list. But it is on there.

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  1. Shame on you for posting the link to that DVD cabinet! Now I WAAAAANNNTTTT it!!!


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