Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baking tip

If you're going to bake banana bread in a vastly differently sized pan than the one in the recipe (say, a normal loaf pan instead of the eight-inch square baking dish that they suggest) remember to adjust the cooking time, because a toothpick might still come out clean, and you'll wind up with hot liquid banana bread all over your counter, potholder, and hand.  Not that I'd know from first-hand experience or anything.

Curse you toothpick!  I trusted you!


  1. What is it with banana breaad anyway - the toothpick comes out clean but the bread is gummy, or the outside is black and the middle is goopey - all at the same time and temperature. Raisin is so much easier for some reason.

  2. Raisins are icky humiliated grapes and--like onions--are strictly forbidden from my cooking.


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