Friday, April 30, 2010

Bad commercial! Bad!

Have you seen Merck's latest HPV commercial?  It's he one that starts out about life's great and you're going to Portugal (or somewhere equally exotic; I've actively stopped watching the commercials [okay, it was on again, and it's Miami, which is less exciting than Portugal]) and then you meet a guy and then he gives you HPV and then YOU GET CANCER AND ARE BARREN AND MIGHT DIE.  Um, thanks guys.  Nothing like the most heavy-handed scare tactics you could possibly imagine.

It's not that I'm against the vaccine.  (I haven't gotten it myself, but there's no real need, and I long ago passed the approved age, anyway.)  It's just that I object to any attempt to frighten people into paying for the service that a commercial sponsor provides.  It's the slightly more evil flipside to "If you buy our product, you'll be thinner/richer/happier/sexier/more successful!!"  As we say in my family, "That's asking a lot from a jumper."

I did, however, recently enjoy the Geico commercial where they asked if he was British or Australian.  It is a very nondescript (if charming) accent.


  1. I *hate* that commercial! Is that the one where she's saying, "what if I can't have kids?" It's the worst.

  2. This is exactly the reason I hate Allstate commercials. They don't seem to be as bad of late--or maybe I just haven't seen any ads recently--but for a while, at least, their entire advertising campaign seemed to be based on showing people everything awful that could possibly happen to them (you know, cars on fire, etc.) and scaring them into buying their insurance.


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