Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why I like my job/why we're staying

Short answer: my boss/school.

See, nearly every job I've ever quit was because of the boss.  Sometimes it was moving or hours or whatever, but I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have a good boss.

I don't actually love my job.  I feel a little under-utilized, especially when there is a position in the department that's perfect for me.  (There are some politic issues about why the person who has it now got it, even though I am far more qualified.  Sigh.)  I'm frequently bored.  But at the same time, they don't expect me to find things to do when I have no other tasks.  It's perfectly okay if I read a book.  I don't know when I'd find the time to pay bills, sort out the problems with the insurance company (really, guys? You say there's no claim on that date in my file, and yet you've sent two denial letters?) do my Christmas shopping, plan vacations, create my wedding's really quite astounding what I get done at work.

What really makes work great, though, is my boss.  I told him today, "I have good news for you.  It looks like we're going to be in Utah at least two more years."  He gave me a high five and said, "That is good news for me.  But I want you to be happy!  You're like one of my kids!"  I assured him that it had been my idea, because if we were to try to move to Arizona now, we'd lose at least a year and a half before FH can go to school (because out of state tuition is just out of the question) and I really want to get him some education.  I got another high five.

So instead of moving to Arizona right away, FH's going to go back to work part time and go to school in the mornings.  It works out really well, because they've been needing someone part time in the vault but couldn't hire anyone new, he wanted to get off the trucks, he's already a Utah resident, summer school starts in the middle of May, they have the program he wants to do, Weber State has a co-op arrangement that you can actually finish your bachelor's on the SLCC campus, I make more an hour than he does and have better insurance benefits, I actually like my work situation, Not-My-Boss (aka Pompous Old Windbag) is retiring in 59 business days, we already have somewhere to live, I doubt we could sell the house now anyway, we won't have to pay back the first time homebuyer tax credit, this winter has been so mild that I haven't even minded it too much (must buy leg warmers, though), we can still visit family and they can visit us.  It's just a much more practical to stay.

I think it's a good plan.  FH seems excited.  He asked me today, "If we're staying two more years, does that mean we can paint a wall red?"  You better believe it.


  1. UM. You married me. Well, except for the gun thing. Just inserts wads of cash in place of the gun. I like leaving those around. But my first thought would TOTALLY have been about a red wall :)

  2. A red wall was my thought when I first bought the place. I had a fabulous one in Arizona. But I just couldn't bring myself to paint all by myself in 20 degree weather.

  3. Great news for me! I love your run-on sentence with all your reasons. I also love the idea of customizing your home more. I think it will feel nice to know that you will be here long enough for paint to be worth it. I can't wait to see pictures!!!

  4. Sounds like you have the perfect plan!

  5. When a plan has that many reasons going for it, it must be right.


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