Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, Utah.

Now, I know I just said that staying in Utah is the best idea right now--and it is--but sometimes I just shake my head and thank my lucky stars that I am not here permanently.

There's been a big hubub about a budget shortfall at one of the school districts.  The recession, they just split the district, the state might be cutting public school funding...I get it.  Things are rough all over.

But what's their idea of a solution?  Cutting hundreds jobs.  Five hundred jobs, half of them teachers.  Class sizes will go up (and they're not exactly small to begin with).  High school teachers will have to give up their prep hour to teach an additional class.  Programs will be cut.  Why? Because they don't want to raise property taxes, even though polls show that most people are in favor.

I don't live in that school district, and I don't have kids, but I'd still be willing to pay.  It works out to approximately ten bucks a month for a $200,000 house.  (My house isn't even worth that much, and I'd still pay the full ten.) I think foregoing one trip to Wendy's each month is worth preserving what little quality the public education has here.  As it is Utah tends to be bottom on per-student spending.  I don't love taxes, but THIS is why we pay them!  Education, libraries, roads!  Shortchanging kids today just makes for stupid adults tomorrow.


  1. Totally!!!!! I'd much rather we had schools than so many other budget wasters. Like roads. Seriously.

  2. If they could see further than their next paycheck down the road, we - as a country - wouldn't be in the mess it's in.
    I don't understand people.


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