Monday, March 22, 2010

No pictures!

We were on vacation for a week, and I have no pictures.  There just doesn't seem to be a lot to take pictures of.  But I'll caption some imaginary pictures for you.

"Here we are, arriving at the airport for the third time, two and a half days after we were supposed to leave.  Sorry we're not smiling."

"This is us in the car, driving back from LA.  It took two hours."

"Here's the large cockroach that crawled off to destinations unknown in the bedroom.  And here's the setup on the couch where we slept the last two nights to avoid the MIA cockroach."

"These adorable yet annoying dogs caused this lovely rash on my chin."

"This is the pile of stuff my sister-in-law bought on our five-store 'I just need to go to Crate and Barrel' trip to the mall."

Honestly, it wasn't all bad.

"Here we are, sleeping in until 11 every day."

"These are the four dishes we used, mainly for eating cereal."

"This is me at Sea World.  Notice how I'm in a t-shirt and pants? The weather was perfect.  And look, there's practically no one there."

"Check it out--DirectTV with DVR!"

"This Altima is way nicer than my Altima.  And look at the sweet navigation system."

"Here's the view of the beach from the bench we ate lunch on."

"This is my sister, her husband, and their adorable baby."

"This is my sister-in-law on the phone with her mom, harassing the crap out of her about the welfare of those dang dogs."

And of course, my very favorite, "Here I am, not at work."

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  1. So much braver than I. If we couldn't have found the roach to kill it, I would have slept in the car. So not kidding.


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