Thursday, March 25, 2010

Money is a gas

I guess more accurately, spending is a gas, because it expands to fill all available money.

I was looking at my bank transactions from last year, and I used to go shopping for home decor, clothes and shoes, kitchen gadgets, dinners out, you name it.  Now we stay home.  We eat out as little as possible.  I buy new clothes, but they're for FH.  It's very different, in a perfectly acceptable way.

But I have a list.  A list of things that we need--or, let's face it, more frequently want.  Do I really need to make a list of things to buy?  Probably not.  But I'm a list maker.  And now I can prioritize them and not worry about forgetting that I need shelves for the garage or whathaveyou.

It's funny that I'm so list-driven.  I'm really not that organized.  I tend to leave piles everywhere, particularly on the coffee table.  Which, incidentally, drives my husband crazy, particularly the piles on the coffee table.  "It's in the middle of the room!" he says.  "Well, where do you want me to put them?" I ask.  Anywhere else, apparently.  But it's not true, because my untidy nightstand is a source of grief, too!  This is why I wanted to pull the sofa away from the wall and put a screen behind it with my own little desk area that I can leave as untidy as I want without bothering him.  Ah well.  One day we'll move and I'll have my own office space that I can junk up as much as I want.

So what's on my list, you ask?  Well, a rosebush is at the top.  What's on yours?


  1. SO many things on my list. These have been at the top of my drool pile for a while.

  2. First I want to storage to put all the stuff I HAVE away in, then I can dream of more stuff.


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